How Exactly Do Air Conditioning Refrigerants Work?

You’ve probably already heard of air conditioning refrigerants, especially if you’ve had an HVAC repair or replacement done at home. However, some people still get confused about what exactly a refrigerant is and how it works. The simplest definition of the term is that it’s a fluid or gas which is found in your air conditioner. It’s responsible for absorbing heat in a particular area and helping to maintain the cold temperature inside your home. In short, refrigerants allow your cooling system to perform its function.

How does it work?

Refrigerants are found inside the air conditioner’s coils. The refrigerant absorbs heat indoors and converts it from a gas to a liquid. The high-pressure liquid is then sent to the AC’s fan, which gives you the cool air that you receive from your cooling unit.

Does it have a name?

You may have already heard the term HFC from heating and air conditioner maintenance companies. HFC stands for hydrofluorocarbon. While there are different types of refrigerants, HFC refrigerants are most often found in today’s modern air conditioners. They make air conditioners energy-efficient, reliable and provide better indoor air quality at home. You can check out AC models like R134 and R410A if you want to install an HFC AC.

Are there rules regarding AC refrigerants?

Reliable HVAC installation companies can tell you some of the basic rules about refrigerants. Here are a few of them:

  • Technicians or repairmen should always make sure that refrigerants are recycled or disposed of safely and properly.
  • Air conditioners with leaking refrigerants should be repaired immediately.
  • You can’t personally buy your own refrigerant for your AC. You must hire a licensed HVAC company to do it for you.
  • When disposing of an old air conditioner or other HVAC system, you should follow the EPA’s disposal rules.

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