Common Commercial Refrigeration Challenges

In the food business, keeping refrigeration equipment in tip-top shape is essential. Customers may raise their eyebrows while eating at your restaurant if they often see HVAC companies come and go. The problem is that refrigeration issues are a reality for any food-related business. Some restaurants just get too busy and neglect conducting maintenance on their equipment until it’s too late.

Here, Cafco Services presents some of the common challenges that afflict refrigeration units in a commercial setting:


Your evaporator can break down when there’s an excess buildup of ice, which causes the cooler to work harder with less efficiency. To keep this buildup from happening, you’ll need to routinely drain water from the freezer to prevent it from refreezing. Even an action as small as this can go a long way in keeping your unit in prime condition.


When the condenser is set in a tight space without enough air flow, heat isn’t able to release well. This raises the temperature from the compressors, which in turn increases power usage. Check the coils often and make sure the condenser is well-ventilated. Dust and debris are also factors, so get quality HVAC filter products from Cafco Services to filter out contaminates.


The door seals for your refrigeration unit may loosen or completely lose their grip over time. Warm air entry through gaps in the seals can lead to condensation, mold growth, wet floors and overall unhealthy conditions. In such cases, the best course of action is to call an expert like Cafco Services to fix things as soon as possible: the earlier, the better.

Heater Strips

If the heater strip is no longer warm to the touch, the refrigerator’s door may freeze shut. Call an expert to fix this immediately to avoid potentially hazardous situations.

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