Signs You Have Poor Air Quality at Home

Good indoor air quality is very important because it affects your family’s health. If you have poor indoor air quality at home, you’re more likely to be prone to allergies and respiratory diseases. This is because the air in your home may contain pollutants, allergens and other particles which are harmful to your health. The good thing is that air quality issues can be solved with the help of reliable HVAC companies.

Signs You Have Poor Air Quality at Home

It’s essential to know how to maintain clean air at home in order to protect yourself and your family from the various diseases that can be caused by dirty air, and the right HVAC system can aid in this process. But how exactly are you supposed to know if you have poor air quality at home? Start by looking for the following signs:

  • Recurring symptoms. Frequent symptoms such as headaches, congestion, sneezing and coughing are signs that you have poor air quality indoors. This can easily be confirmed if these symptoms most often appear whenever you’re indoors for any length of time. Other symptoms may include asthma, rashes, and in extreme cases, fatigue.

  • Dust buildup. If your furniture and vents collect a lot of dust, that’s another sign of poor air quality. You’ll need to address this issue immediately to avoid triggering asthma and allergies. One simple solution is to install and regularly clean and replace HVAC filter products at home.

  • Humidity issues. Humidity problems are also indicative of bad air quality, and can put you at risk of respiratory infections. Using dehumidifiers and humidifiers as needed will effectively solve this issue.

  • Foul smells. A smelly home is further evidence that you need to do some cleaning. Unpleasant smells could mean that you already have a pest infestation or mold growth indoors. If you need help, you can hire professionals for a better home cleanup.

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