Common Commercial Oven Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

For the hospitality industry, commercial ovens are one of the most used kitchen appliances. in order for them to function optimally, it’s crucial to address any issues as soon as they come up. In this way you’ll be able to continue doing business without worrying about delays. Join Cafco Services, one of the most trusted local heating and air conditioning maintenance companies, as we discuss commercial oven issues and essential troubleshooting tips.

Thermostat Doesn’t Reach the Desired Temperature 

If your commercial oven isn’t able to reach the temperature you’ve set, you’ll have a lot of trouble finishing up your baking. If you experience this problem, the best solution is to replace your oven’s thermostat. You can also seek help from a CPS technician so they can monitor the calibration. The technician can tell you whether or not fixing the thermostat will solve the problem.

Damaged Pilot Light

A damaged pilot light is one of the most common oven problems. If an oven’s pilot light doesn’t remain lit while you’re baking, you won’t be able to finish baking for your customers at all. When this happens, the most probable reason is a damaged thermocouple or safety valve. To resolve this issue, turn to a trained HVAC repair technician.

Food is Baked Unevenly

If you see that the food is unevenly baked, it could be the result of damaged heating elements and temperature sensors. This problem can also occur if during a thermostat replacement the thermostat’s capillary with clips that hold the bulb into place isn’t installed correctly. If this issue occurs, always seek the help of HVAC installation companies.

Numerous commercial oven issues may arise as you continue to run your business. The best way head off these problems is to sign up for a preventive maintenance plan. Turn to Cafco Services for your HVAC preventative maintenance needs. Give us a call at (513) 242-3400 and or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us.