Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips for the Holidays

Commercial refrigerators are essential to businesses that provide food as their main product. However, due to the repetitive way these refrigerators are used, business owners may begin to notice signs of damage over time. Throughout the holiday season, it’s crucial to make sure your commercial refrigerator is always in good shape. In this post, refrigeration equipment services provider Cafco Services shares some commercial refrigerator maintenance tips for before and after the holiday rush.

How Can I Best Maintain My Commercial Refrigerator?

  • As much as possible, do a daily or weekly cleaning of each unit, inside and out.
  • When cleaning, opt for mild soap and hot water rather than cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals.
  • Don’t use water when you’re about to clean electrical components. You can remove whatever dirt you find there using a cloth.
  • For an increase in airflow, clear away any clutter, debris or storage items from around your refrigeration units.
  • During weekly inspections, examine the refrigeration unit and check if it shows these common signs of problems:
    • Not maintaining a set temperature
    • Water leaks
    • Condensation in the interior part of the refrigerator

    • Noisy motors or compressors
    • Loose hinges or gaskets that don’t seal properly

When Will I Need Professional Help?
As much as you might want to take care of all the maintenance yourself, there are specific tasks which need the expertise of professional HVAC companies. The following are the tasks for which you should ask an expert’s help:

  • Eliminating debris and grease from equipment parts

  • Cleaning coils, ice machines, fan blades, gaskets and door seals, and checking on the operation of the fan motor

  • Inspecting the fan motor, hinges and latches; checking refrigerant levels, drains pans (for clogs) and the status of all parts; and looking for signs of imminent problems

  • Calibrating thermostats

  • Examining electrical components

  • Replacing damaged parts

As a business owner in the food business sector, the key to your success is efficient commercial refrigeration units. When looking for the right contractor who can provide you with superb services and even HVAC filter products, turn to Cafco Services. Give us a call at (513) 242-3400 and or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us.