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Basic Dos and Don’ts for Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial ice machines are used widely in various restaurants and other related businesses worldwide. Providing a steady stream of ice, they are true workhorses and are often relied upon in commercial kitchens and dining establishments. Cafco Services, one of the top refrigeration and HVAC companies in the area, discusses the dos and don’ts to keep in mind to keep these machines in great shape.

Basic Dos and Don'ts for Commercial Ice Machines

Do Have Your Machine Serviced Regularly

To keep your machine in the best shape, have a professional inspect it at least twice a year. The professional can check its working parts and perform necessary repairs to any damaged components, ensuring that everything’s operating properly.

Don’t Put Unusual Items in the Ice Machine

Remember that your commercial ice machine is not a storage space. Be sure not to store any items or materials in the machine, such as paper towels, cleaning sponges and other items. This can cause damage and contamination to the machine.

Do Clean It Regularly

Part of refrigeration equipment services is making sure ice machines are cleaned and sanitized. This helps remove bacteria or debris, as well as prevent limescale buildup in the pipes. A good schedule for cleaning is at least once a month. This should be a more thorough deep clean that involves cleaning the inside and outside of the ice machine.

Do Keep the Machine in a Well-Ventilated Area

The area where you place your commercial ice machine must be well-ventilated, with no sources of heat or moisture. This will help to ensure the longevity of the machine’s components. It’s best to place the machine away from direct sunlight as well.

Do Read the Manual

Be sure to read the instruction manual before operating the machine. They often provide necessary information about the best practices for care and maintenance. Always follow the manual to avoid potential issues, such as damaging the machine or voiding the warranty.

Don’t Open the Lid When Churning

Commercial ice machines are not kitchen blenders. They are designed to keep the lid closed when they are churning. A sudden opening or shut during the process may result in problems or even damage to the machine.

Following these basic dos and don’ts for your commercial ice machine will help ensure it is operating efficiently and effectively. For top-notch professional heating, cooling and refrigeration services in Cincinnati, OH, Cafco Services is the name to call. Learn more about our HVAC filter products by giving us a call at (513) 242-3400 today, or fill out our online form to request an estimate.