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Why Your Commercial Oven Isn’t Cooking Evenly

The last thing any restaurant wants is an oven that doesn’t cook food evenly. This issue may be more common than one might think. More than just an inconvenience, it can seriously impact the quality and consistency of the food being served. Understanding the reasons behind uneven cooking in commercial ovens and knowing how to address it could make all the difference in your restaurant’s daily operations. Cafco Services, one of the top refrigeration, heating and air conditioner maintenance companies, explains more.

Why Your Commercial Oven Isn't Cooking Evenly

Broken Temperature Sensor

A broken temperature sensor is one of the most common causes of uneven cooking in electric commercial ovens. This component measures the internal temperature and sends the appropriate signals to the oven control board. If it’s broken, the control can’t regulate the temperature properly, resulting in an oven that can’t maintain a consistent temperature.

Damaged Broil or Bake Element

The broil or bake element is one of the electric oven’s heat sources. When it’s damaged or malfunctioning, it can cause uneven cooking because it’s unable to distribute heat evenly. Have a refrigeration and HVAC repair professional inspect the interior components of the oven regularly and fix damaged parts if needed.

Broken Oven Fan

A broken electric oven fan can also cause uneven cooking. Oven fans circulate the heated air around the oven cavity to ensure even cooking. A broken fan can compromise this, resulting in food that doesn’t cook evenly.

Defective Oven Thermostat

For gas ovens, the most common cause of uneven cooking is a defective oven thermostat. It is responsible for regulating the temperature in the oven cavity, and if it’s not working correctly, it cannot maintain a consistent temperature. Replacing the thermostat can help fix the issue, so long as the rest of the oven’s components are still in top shape.

Faulty Gas Regulator

Commercial gas ovens are connected to a gas source with a regulator, which is a pressure valve that regulates the amount of gas released into the oven. Apart from uneven cooking, a faulty gas regulator can bring about hazards, including the possibility of an explosion or fire if not fixed promptly. Look out for signs such as low flame output, sudden shutdowns or a gas leak.

If your restaurant is experiencing an issue with uneven cooking, reach out for help as soon as possible. Cafco Services is ready to help you restore optimal functionality to your commercial oven. We are among the top refrigeration and HVAC installation companies who can also repair and maintain hot side equipment for restaurants and other businesses in and around Cincinnati, OH. Give us a call at (513) 242-3400 today, or fill out our online form!