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Why Do You Need a Permit to Replace Your HVAC?

When it is time to replace your furnace or air conditioner, acquiring a permit is an essential step to take. Apart from ensuring safety, a permit ensures that you will have a paper trail for the work that occurred, which is particularly important if you plan to put your home up for sale.

Cafco Services, a provider of HVAC filter products and HVAC replacement services, discusses here the reasons why you need a permit to replace your HVAC.

  • Work without a permit can lead to fines. If code enforcement discovers that the replacement has been performed without a permit, you can expect to see a hefty fine with expensive fees and penalties. And as the homeowner, it will be your responsibility to pay all of it.

  • A permit can protect you from the effects of the replacement in violation of the current codes. Essentially, this is about safety. With the necessary permit, you can have peace of mind that the work being conducted inside your home is up to standard, especially in terms of building codes. However, this does not mean that the contractor will follow all the correct procedures provided by the manufacturer. Ensure you vet a few HVAC companies before hiring one that meets your specifications.

  • A permit ensures that federally mandated requirements are complied with. Heating and air conditioning make up the highest percentage of your electricity bills, and the government has strict guidelines on installing energy-efficient systems. Part of permitting requires that the HVAC contractor provides accurate SEER ratings on the pieces of equipment to be installed in your home.

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