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3 Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Performing preventive maintenance on commercial heating and air conditioning equipment is a crucial responsibility. Without proper care and service, these climate-control systems can experience a host of serious mechanical problems, such as delayed ignition of the burners or tripped breakers.

In this article, one of the premier heating and air conditioning maintenance companies in the area share the top three benefits of commercial HVAC maintenance.

1. Minimizing Breakdowns

While a mechanical failure may be little more than an inconvenience for homeowners, being unable to maintain a comfortable indoor environment for employees and guests can be nothing short of a disaster for businesses. Even a temporary disruption can put a halt to key aspects of operations. To minimize the risk of equipment failure, commercial property owners should schedule professional maintenance regularly.

2. Reducing Operations Costs

Something as simple as a dirty filter can negatively affect the overall efficiency of a heating or air conditioning system. It can restrict the airflow in and out of the equipment, adding unnecessary strain on the air handler and fan motor, which, over time, can cause the system to overheat and eventually fail. Routine inspections by HVAC installation companies can go a long way towards reducing operating costs as well as ensuring that repair costs will still be manageable.

3. Maintaining Equipment Warranty

Warranties and other protection plans on commercial HVAC systems may be voided if building owners or facility managers fail to arrange for maintenance service at set intervals. Adhering to all the requirements of the warranty, however, can spare owners from having to cover the full cost of repairs and upgrades.

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