What to Consider When Buying Commercial Charbroilers

If your restaurant specializes in grilled dishes and seared proteins, investing in a reliable charbroiler is a must. Here are some of the basic considerations to take into account when selecting the best charbroiler for your needs:

Types of Charbroilers

HVAC installation companies recommend three main types of charbroilers:

  • Radiant – You can count on these gas-powered charbroilers for higher output.  They’re best for establishments that need to broil all throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner.

  • Lava Rock and Charcoal – These are perfect for those places that are looking for a cheaper option and using the charbroiler for shorter periods.

  • Infrared – Infrared charbroilers are available in low-voltage and high-voltage options. They’re ideal for those who want to avoid gas, since it’s an electric charbroiler.

Charbroiler Placement

You can find charbroilers as bpth countertop models and range additions. Charbroilers that are built onto the range may provide higher BTUs. Meanwhile, countertop charbroilers can be quite space and energy efficient, while their gas-heated counterparts are best known for stable all-day performance.

If you’re uncertain which placement is better for your restaurant, you can consult with HVAC repair and installation experts.

Frying or Grilling

You can certainly fry with a skillet on a range, but frying on a charbroiler can provide higher output. Also, thanks to their smaller size, charbroilers may even be more suitable for frying in tighter spaces. For grilling, you can cook directly on the grills of a charbroiler to create visible charred lnes on meat, fish, etc.

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