Understanding Which HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Can DIY

HVAC maintenance can greatly improve your system’s performance and energy efficiency. It can also prevent system breakdowns and extend your HVAC system’s lifespan. In today’s article, Cafco Services, one of the top HVAC companies in our local area, discusses everything you need to know about HVAC maintenance. We’ll talk about the tasks that you can safely do on your own and the those that you should leave to the professionals.


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Tasks That You Can Do Yourself


Changing the Air Filter – A clogged air filter can lead to a surprising number of HVAC problems, which is why changing it regularly is incredibly important. Clogged air filters can reduce the system’s efficiency, cause the blower to overheat and make your home’s indoor air quality worse. If your air filter is covered in a thick layer of dust, then it’s time to clean or change it. Shut off your air conditioning system, take out the old filter and insert the new one. The air filter is typically located in the air handler. Make sure that the new air filter is the right size before inserting it.

Cleaning the Condensate Drain Pan – The condensate drain line’s job is to remove moisture from the air conditioning system. The system cannot drain moisture if the condensate line becomes clogged with a buildup of dirt, algae and mold. A clogged condensate line causes water to collect and stagnate in the drain pan. Read below to learn how to deal with this problem yourself:

Turn off the HVAC system at the thermostat and circuit breaker and find the condensate pan. The pan is typically located below the indoor air handler. Use a mop or a handheld wet/dry vacuum to remove the water and then clean the pan with soapy water. Next, go outside to the condensate drain outlet and use a vacuum to suck out the clog in the pipeline. Finally, look for the access point on the drain line, remove its cover and check for debris. Pour hot water mixed with dishwashing soap, white vinegar or diluted hydrogen peroxide to flush out the drain line.


Tasks That You Should Leave to Professionals


Refilling Refrigerant – As the top choice for HVAC and refrigeration equipment services in our area, we strongly recommend leaving this job to the professionals. You should never refill refrigerants yourself. Refrigerant gas is a highly toxic chemical that’s dangerous to work with if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s also illegal to handle refrigerants without a license.

Electrical Work – Only a trained HVAC technician  or electrician should work on the wiring and electrical components of your HVAC system. Never touch loose connections or frayed wires. Avoid handling parts such as the start and run capacitors and fan and blower motors. The high- voltage current that courses through your HVAC system is dangerous and can cause an electric shock.

Fixing the Furnace – Your furnace should only be repaired and maintained by trained HVAC technicians. Any furnace repair work that’s done incorrectly can cause a gas leak. Gas is a highly flammable substance that emits carbon monoxide fumes. Carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless and highly poisonous.Electric and oil furnaces should also be repaired and maintained by trained HVAC technicians because they can be hazardous.


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