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What Are the Different Types of Commercial Freezers?

Every professional kitchen needs an efficient freezer to keep ingredients frozen and safe. The right appliance for you depends on your business and what kind of items you need to store. To ensure your unit functions efficiently, be sure to hire a reliable provider of refrigeration equipment services.

Commercial Freezers

There are four major types of commercial freezers you can choose from. Keep reading to discover your options.


You should consider counter-freezers if you have a modern professional kitchen. This equipment gives you space to store frozen goods without sacrificing countertop space. Counter freezers are typically stainless steel, ideal for preparing food and accommodating small appliances. Some units have adjustable shelves, allowing you to keep large food containers or boxes. Moreover, you can get it in single-, double- or triple-door variations.


Low freezers are not as high as counter freezers because they raise other kitchen appliances to a more comfortable level. You can place griddles or convection ovens on top of them. They can be in fridge or freezer mode, and each drawer could be at a different temperature. If you’re unsure if this refrigeration option is right for you, you can always consult reputable HVAC companies.


Commercial chest freezers are larger than residential units and have more complex and durable components. This equipment is suitable for small kitchens and cellars since it’s ideal for storing large amounts of food. Since it opens and closes from the top, cold air is less likely to escape.


You usually find display freezers in ice cream and meat shops. They are designed to help with the sales of frozen goods. This type of refrigeration equipment comes in three types, including chest freezers, ice cream counters, and upright display freezers.

Under Counter

Under-counter freezers provide easy access to frequently used ingredients. Their small size makes them easy to stay concealed.

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