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Key Things to Look for in Holding and Proofing Cabinets

The quality, texture, and taste of baked goods largely depend on the proofing process. If you have a bakery or food-related business, it pays to invest in quality holding and proofing cabinets. You want products that will bring the best out of your products.

Proofing Cabinets

One of the area’s best HVAC installation companies shares essential things to look for when purchasing holding and proofing cabinets.

Door Material

You generally have three options for the door material of your holding and proofing cabinets. Glass doors allow you to keep track of the proofing process without opening the cabinets. They are easy to clean and withstand scratches. If you need something more cost-effective, polycarbonate doors might work for you. While this option lets you see the dough inside the cabinets, it’s more susceptible to scratching and tends to cloud over time.

Lastly, solid doors deliver superior insulation and keep heat from escaping through the cabinets. They are significantly more energy-efficient than polycarbonate and glass doors. However, you won’t be able to see inside the cabinets, meaning the doors will have to be opened and closed more often.

Pan Capacity

You want cabinets large enough to meet the demands of your business. A standard full-size 71-inch high cabinet can usually handle up to 20 full-size, 18-inch × 26-inch sheet pans. Go with a ¾ or ½-size proofing cabinet if a full-size unit is too large for you. It will help to consult experienced professionals to determine the capacity that meets your needs. At Cafco Services, we can help you select the best commercial refrigeration and hot-side solutions for your business. We also offer superior HVAC repair and installation services.


Cleanliness must be a priority in the kitchen. Keeping your holding and proofing cabinets ensures the safety of your baked goods. You want units that you can easily clean and will allow you to reach nooks and crannies without struggling.

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