The Various Advantages of Rooftop HVAC Units

Whenever you look up at a commercial building, you’re likely  to have noticed that some of them have their HVAC units placed on the rooftop. For some, placing such an important component here may seem impractical, but according to HVAC installation companies, there are actually several advantages to doing so:

Ease of Maintenance

One of the advantages of installing a rooftop HVAC unit on a commercial building is the ease of maintenance. This is because when the time comes that you need to have your HVAC unit inspected and repaired, it won’t interfere with your business, especially if heavy equipment is involved. Rooftop HVAC units can easily be maintained while you conduct business as usual.

Improved Space

Space is at a premium when it comes to businesses. For instance, if you have a retail space, you’ll want to have room for displays so you can showcase your wares. If it’s a private office, on the other hand, you’ll need space in which your employees can work and you can store key business components. By placing your HVAC unit on the rooftop, you can have all the space you need without any interference from your HVAC units.

Reduced Sound Pollution

According to HVAC repair experts, another advantage that rooftop HVAC units bring is that sound pollution is reduced. This is because since commercial HVAC units are large equipment, they’re bound to be noisier than residential units, so when you install them on the roof, you can avoid the loud noises that they emit, allowing you to maintain your business in a quieter fashion.

Air Quality Advantages

With a rooftop HVAC unit, you can install the right additions to the rooftop system, allowing you to have better humidity control and more ventilation options. This helps you keep the indoor air quality of your building as clean and fresh as possible.

Energy Efficiency

Believe it or not, rooftop units can be more energy efficient, as they’re usually equipped with a wide variety of additional controls for more precise temperature control and reduced energy use. These features help you keep your overall heating and cooling costs down, allowing you to save a significant amount every month.

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