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The Importance of Good HVAC in Schools

In schools and other educational environments, some of the biggest health-related issues come from poor indoor air quality, ventilation, humidity, and temperature. To address these, it is important to rebuild and update outdated facilities, including their HVAC design.

HVAC in Schools

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Poor Indoor Air Quality

Studies show that 15,000 schools across the U.S. suffer from poor indoor air quality. This affects more than eight million children, causing symptoms such as irritated eyes, nausea, dizziness, headaches, or sleepiness. Poor IAQ also leads to increased student absenteeism. To remove contaminants and deliver more fresh air, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests having 15 to 20 cubic feet of air per minute per person.


The main purpose of ventilation is to dilute and eliminate airborne contaminants that build up inside classrooms and school buildings. These contaminants come from the skin, clothes, perfumes, shampoos, deodorants, and cleaning products. And because children breathe a greater volume of air than the average adult, proper ventilation is essential in educational facilities. Reputable HVAC installation companies understand the role of adequate ventilation in creating effective learning environments.

Humidity and Temperature

Humidity and temperature also need to be monitored in school buildings as these affect the levels of mold and bacteria and the overall indoor air quality. Moreover, studies prove that students perform better in terms of mental tasks in rooms with 40-70% humidity levels and temperatures of 68-74 degrees. Furthermore, thermal temperature affects the educators’ ability to teach as well as their attitude toward their work.

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