4 Energy-Saving Tips for Spring

As the spring season closes in, the days become longer and the weather becomes warmer. This is an ideal time to perform certain household activities, such as cleaning windows and inspecting the air conditioning unit, in order to maintain a comfortable, energy-efficient home year-round. In this article, a contractor specializing in HVAC filter products shares several tips for saving energy in the warmer months.

energy-saving tips for spring

Examine the roof. The onslaught of snow, ice and wind in the winter can dislodge or break roof shingles, creating holes and gaps in the building envelope. It’s crucial to patch up these problem areas to keep unconditioned air, moisture, insects and small animals from breaching the roof.

Clean the air conditioner. Be sure that your air conditioner is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before the summer season settles in. Local HVAC companies advise replacing the air filter inside the unit to allow cool, fresh air to circulate throughout the house. Afterward, check for leaves, twigs and other debris around the outdoor condenser unit and carefully spritz the condenser fins to get off the remaining dirt.

Open the windows on warmer days. Along with turning off the heat, opening windows and doors when the temperature rises can help save on utility bills. This also enables your living space to expel excessive humidity and built-up pollutants lingering in the air.

Seal off cracks. The cold, biting winter weather may have damaged the seals around your windows and doors. Be sure to apply a high-quality caulking material to fill any visible cracks and gaps. This will help prevent treated air from escaping.

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