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What Fridge Size Do I Need for My Business?

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, your choice of equipment can impact the efficiency of your business operations and, ultimately, your bottom line. Selecting the right refrigerator size, for instance, is a crucial decision, requiring careful thought and consideration. Cafco Services, one of the top refrigeration and HVAC companies in Cincinnati, OH, shares the factors to keep in mind when making such a decision.

The Nature of Your Business

The first step in selecting the right refrigerator size for your business is to understand your specific requirements. Refrigerators for convenience stores, for example, tend to have a different fridge configuration than, say, in a restaurant or a bakery. The volume of business you do, the amount of food you need to store and how often you receive deliveries are key factors to consider when determining your refrigeration needs.


Your budget is also a crucial factor. While an industrial-sized refrigerator might seem like a good bet, it can be hefty on the pocket. It’s essential to choose a unit that fulfills your needs without stretching your budget beyond its limit.

Required Storage Capacity

This is perhaps the most critical factor to consider. If your business deals with a high volume of fresh produce, you’ll need a fridge with a large storage capacity. On the other hand, if you’re running a small café with limited offerings, a smaller fridge should suffice. The expertise of a refrigeration equipment services specialist will be helpful in finding the unit that has the right storage capacity to accommodate food items necessary for your business operations.

Available Floor Space

Even if you need a fridge with a large storage capacity, you’re limited by the number of square feet available in your facility. Thus, taking the space into account where you plan to install the refrigerator is imperative. Consider taking measurements on the area where you plan to install it to ensure a perfect fit without obstructing the flow of traffic or violating health and safety regulations.

Energy Efficiency

The bigger the refrigerator, the more energy it will consume. With that in mind, it’s important to consider the energy efficiency of your choice, as it can have a significant impact on your utility bills. Look for appliances with the ENERGY STAR® label, which is an indication that they meet the federal standards for energy efficiency.

Refrigerator Styles

There are various styles of refrigerators available on the market, from walk-in coolers to under-counter fridges. Your decision should be based on your particular needs, the available space and your budget.

Future Growth

Opportunity to grow the business means investing in equipment upgrades and additions. Going for slightly larger refrigerators can help meet a potential increase in demand or product offerings.

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