Winter Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigeration

It’s normal for people to assume that the hottest time of the year is also the most difficult for commercial refrigeration systems. After all, the weather does go against what your refrigeration system is trying to do.

commercial refrigeration

However, professional providers of refrigeration equipment services know that the freezing temperatures of winter are no better for refrigeration systems. As a matter of fact, if the temperatures are too low, your equipment could freeze up, leading to product spoilage.

To avoid problems with your refrigeration system in the winter, follow these tips:

Watch out for pressure issues. The pressure control cycles of an outdoor unit should be able to prevent the evaporator from freezing when ambient temperatures dip. Check the food in the refrigeration unit. If it’s frozen solid, the pressure control unit has a problem. Get in touch with refrigeration and HVAC companies for inspection and repairs.

Inspect the unit’s shell. The shell is the outer part of your refrigeration unit’s storage, including the door. It shouldn’t have cracks, leaks or other signs of damage. If they’re simple cracks, you might be able to patch them up. But if they’re causing the unit to lose heat, your unit is working harder and consuming more energy than it should. Call a professional immediately in this case.

Check the coils and condenser. Coils and condensers require plenty of space because they generate heat. If there isn’t enough space around them, it’s hard for them to get rid of the generated heat. This can lead to unit failure. Make sure your coils and condensers have enough space around them and that they don’t freeze. If you notice these problems, call a professional.

Maintain Your Refrigeration System Year-Round

You might think it’s enough to call a technician to inspect and repair your refrigeration system in the summer, but it’s a good idea to call them again to inspect the unit in the fall to prepare it for winter. Most of the common problems with commercial refrigeration systems are avoidable with regular maintenance.

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