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Top Things to Keep in Mind About Commercial HVAC Systems

It doesn’t seem that long ago that HVAC systems had one very simple purpose. Today, however, commercial HVAC systems are manufactured to meet a variety of very specific requirements. Yet despite these distinct, specialized functions, four factors remain as basic considerations.

Cafco Services, one of the most highly-trusted HVAC installation companies, discusses four important things you should keep in mind about commercial HVAC systems.


Comfort involves more than simply ensuring the right temperatures; it’s also necessary to keep indoor air quality (IAQ) at a healthy level. For instance, in order to create a healthy indoor environment, experts recommend integrating humidity control with your HVAC systems. A good balance between temperature and humidity can help combat mold and reduce the effects of sick building syndrome that can often impact workplace productivity.


Good control of your HVAC equipment is essential for attaining optimal comfort in your building. For example, ductless systems, such as variable refrigerant flow (VRF), are often regarded for their ability to allow significant control in their operation. VRF provides more individualized control over spaces, so thermal comfort issues can be addressed more easily.


Communications typically go hand in hand with control. In addition to maintaining control over your HVAC equipment, it’s also important for your HVAC components to align with each other. You can achieve this by having reliable communications protocol to which your equipment can be connected. With control and communications working together, you can learn where energy is being wasted. This enables you to use the HVAC system in a smarter way and helps you discover opportunities for integration with other building systems. Moreover, it can also assist with easier HVAC repair.


While comfort is a primary objective for HVAC systems, reducing costs is also a principal goal for building owners. This can be achieved by properly addressing comfort, which then allows you to maintain control and communications between hardware. With control and communications working perfectly, your HVAC system can become more efficient.

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