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Overhead Food Warmers: What Are They?

Commercial kitchens can’t keep the stoves running to keep the food warm, especially in self-service settings. Fortunately, they can still ensure the satisfaction of diners with overhead food warmers.

Overhead Food Warmers

One of the area’s top heating and air conditioner maintenance companies shares more information about overhead warmers.

How Do Overhead Warmers Work?

An overhead warmer is a lamp that emits heat to warm food for short periods. Most buffets, hotel luncheons, and other kitchens where guests can stay for an hour or two using this device. It’s undoubtedly helpful, but it does have some limitations. Steaks and dense food will remain cold because the heat from overhead lamps can’t reach their center. Furthermore, overhead warmers can dry and ruin food texture if kept on for long periods.

Types of Heat Lamps

Bulb and strip warmers are heat lamps used for overhead heating. Each type has its pros and cons, one of your trusted HVAC installation companies discusses them here.

Bulb Warmers

Most establishments use bulb warmers because they produce a small but sufficient amount of heat to keep the food warm for a short period. They’re easy to use and ideal for small restaurants with slow to moderate activity.

You can find these three types of bulb warmers in the market:

  • Clamp On or Screw On – These mount bulbs use a clamp or screw. Carving stations in most buffets and restaurants have this lamp to keep freshly carved food warm.

  • Countertop Bulb Warmers – These are usually stand-mounted for stability and can heat a pan of food.

  • Hanging Bulbs – These heat lamps work well in buffet lines because they have a gentle warmth that works well for short food displays and does not cause crusting or affect food consistency.

Strip Warmers

Strip warmers have a metal housing that packs a row of heating elements with reflectors. A special coating ensures the reflectors do not blacken or miss any spots. It also helps maintain consistent heating.

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