How You Can Better Evaluate Your HVAC Services Provider

Your HVAC system is a significant investment for your business, so it’s important to have it checked out regularly and repaired as needed. After all, a well-maintained HVAC system will help your business be more energy efficient, allowing you to save a significant amount on your energy bills. However, when having an HVAC repair pro conduct an inspection of your commercial HVAC system, you first need to evaluate their maintenance proposals before signing any contracts. The best way to evaluate them is by observing what they’re doing and asking yourself certain questions.

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In this post, Cafco Services discusses the questions you should ask yourself in order to properly evaluate your HVAC services provider.

Are They Licensed?

Before you sign a contract with anyone, it’s important to first check their license. The general rule is to only hire contractors that comply with your area’s local licensing requirements. That way, any issues can be traced back to your contractor. Should they fail to produce the proper credentials, then it’s best to find a different contractor.

Length of Inspection?

Usually, HVAC systems can be completely inspected within 60 minutes. Be sure to time your HVAC services provider to see if they’re adequately inspecting the system. If they finish going over your HVAC system in less than 60 minutes, then it’s likely the job wasn’t done thoroughly.

Did They Inquire About The System?

Maintenance providers from HVAC installation companies should always ask about the system and how it’s been operating. That way, they’re better able to meet your expectations and improve their understanding of your system before assessing the equipment’s operation.

Are They Willing to Review Any Maintenance Issues With You?

Once the inspection is completed, ask your contractor to review any maintenance issues with you. Doing so will help you gain a better understanding of their findings, especially if corrective action is required. Always remember to ask about this, as a contractor who’s unwilling to do so may not be very trustworthy.

Does the Maintenance Include a Safety Inspection of the System?

During the maintenance visit, observe your contractor to see if they’re conducting safety inspections throughout the process to ensure that the HVAC system was installed according to code. This is an important step to take, as safety hazards are generally difficult to spot if you have an untrained eye, and can usually only be recognized by trained technicians.

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