Gas or Electric Hot-Side Equipment: Which Is Better?

Which is more cost efficient: gas cooking equipment or electric hot-side equipment? Judging from the operational costs, gas is the more cost-efficient choice. However, after factoring in fluctuating gas prices and the ease of use of electric equipment, as well as other environmental factors, the answer isn’t quite as clear. 

Knowing the pros and cons of each type of equipment can help you make an informed purchase. Cafco® Services, one of the top HVAC installation companies in the state, lists them below.  

Upfront Cost

The comparative costs of gas restaurant equipment and electric cooking equipment are roughly the same, although there are significant price differences among brands. 

Operational Costs 

Although gas prices vary from state to state, it’s generally cheaper to cook on a gas stove than on an electric one. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that gas equipment is more cost efficient. Keep in mind that international gas prices have been volatile in recent years, and there are also hidden costs to using gas equipment that often don’t receive enough attention.

Hidden Costs 

The problem with gas equipment is that it isn’t as efficient at fully utilizing heat as electric equipment. Excess heat is a problem gas hot-side restaurant equipment faces. A gas fryer, for example, has to vent all the excess heat it generates through its flu at the back of the building, after which your HVAC system may have to exert more energy to bring temperatures in that area back down. 

If you plan on using gas hot-side equipment, it would be a good idea to have one of your local heating and air conditioner maintenance companies check on your HVAC system. In this way you can ensure guests and diners won’t be affected by the excess heat that may leak out of the kitchen. 

Faster and More Precise Cooking 

However, gas equipment has the edge when it comes to properly cooking food. Gas hot-side equipment heats pans faster and gives chefs more control over the flame. In a fast-paced kitchen, this is a significant advantage. 

Regardless of which type of equipment you choose, make sure to only hire qualified, experienced HVAC contractors to take care of your HVAC needs. 

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