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Air Conditioner Leaks: A Quick Overview

An air conditioner leak is an issue that requires immediate attention. If not repaired right away, the unit may be at risk of getting damaged early in its service life, necessitating frequent maintenance or a premature replacement. In this blog post, Cafco Services, the top HVAC and refrigeration equipment services expert, takes a look at the different types of air conditioning system leaks and the causes behind each.

How to Identify an AC Leak

A quick visual inspection of your AC system can help you determine if there’s an existing leak. Apart from the puddles or water stains anywhere near the outdoor unit, be on the lookout for weird noises or smells. More importantly, keep an eye out for a considerable decrease in indoor comfort levels.

As soon as you notice any of these signs, turn off your AC and get in touch with one of the reputable HVAC companies in the area. The technician who’ll visit your home will take a good look at your unit and identify the type of leak your cooling equipment is experiencing.

Types of AC Leaks

Two types of leaks occur in air conditioners — one that involves water and another involving refrigerant. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Water Leaks. Moisture accumulates on the evaporator coil as the system undergoes the cooling process. The resulting condensation is collected by the condensate pan via the drain line. A clogged or damaged drain line can lead to a leak. This problem happens when excess dirt, dust and even small insects get inside the drain line. Algae growth may also occur, which happens when the AC unit isn’t in use during the heating seasons. A water leak can also be caused by damage to the condensate pan.

  • Refrigerant Leaks. The refrigerant undergoes compression to draw heat from the indoors and transfer it to the outdoor unit via the coils. It doesn’t run out like fuel in your car’s gas tank, but its volume may dwindle because of a leak. This is a far worse problem because it can lead to numerous problems, from lower cooling output to a higher likelihood of frequent breakdowns. A significant spike in energy consumption may also happen as a result of a refrigerant leak.

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The key to maintaining your AC system’s efficiency and performance is to invest in regular maintenance. By having one of the technicians at Cafco Services examine your unit, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will continue to provide consistent cooling while also preventing it from experiencing issues that can lead to leaks.

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