4 Common Walk-In Freezer and Cooler Problems

As a restaurant owner, keeping your equipment in tip-top condition is essential. After all, customers may begin to question that your restaurant is safe to eat in if they’re continually seeing HVAC companies come and go. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems that plague a business owner is their own walk-in freezers and coolers. Some restaurants just get so busy they forget to conduct maintenance on their equipment until it’s too late.

In this post, Cafco Services discusses the common problems that can afflict a restaurant’s walk-in freezer and cooler and how you can repair them, or prevent them to begin with.

Broken Evaporators – Your evaporator can break when there’s an excess buildup of ice, causing the cooler to work harder with less efficiency. To prevent this, drain water from the freezer to prevent the water from being continuously trapped and refrozen. 

Broken Condensers – This can happen when the condenser is placed in a tight space without enough air flow, preventing heat from being released  properly. This raises the temperature from the compressors and increases power usage in turn. Rectify this problem by checking the coils regularly and making sure the condenser is well ventilated. Dust and debris are also factors, so invest in some HVAC filter products to help filter them out. 

Door Leaks – If your walk-in freezer or cooler is fairly old, the door seals for your cooler may loosen or completely lose their grip. This allows warm air to enter and form condensation, leading to mold growth, wet floors and unsanitary conditions. If you see this happening, call an expert like Cafco Services to fix things as soon as possible.

Faulty Heater Strips – If the heater strip is no longer warm when you touch it, there’s a chance the walk-in freezer door may freeze shut. Call an expert to fix this immediately to avoid any hazardous situations.

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